Butterfly Top – Black Silver

Butterfly Design Beaded Halter Top – Style 2


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Product Description

The gorgeous top is shaped like a butterfly. The beads form a design that looks like a butterfly. In the center on the 3 parts of the body are 3 separate strands of beads. At the bottom edge, the beauty continues with 75 strands of beads, 3.5″ long with a coin at the end of each one. This top has three cloth ties, one at the neck, one at the mid-back, and one at the lower mid-back. From top to bottom, it measures 11″. From side to side, it ranges from 15″ at the bosom to 18″ at the middle back. This top does have foam molded cups and a lightweight lining adds comfort to the wearer.

Color: Black with Silver Coins Only

Size: Fits B or C cup size


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